Monday, May 27, 2019

Week 16 Future Strategy Part 1

This class has actually shown a lot of valuable content on what advertising in social media entails and how much detail and effort it takes to form the correct advertisements for your business with professional layouts to generate the best engagement from customers. Personally, the social media I preferred to use the most was facebook and Instagram. Those two social media platforms I felt were the best for my business in particular. Learning sections about how to keep posts fun yet professional is really important especially for an event planning business such as mine.

Having a future strategy is important, focusing on which platforms suit my business specifically was a hit or miss. Like I said earlier the two platforms that I found were the most effective for a business such as mine in the event planning industry would be Facebook and Instagram. I found twitter the least effective until we have a big enough platform to advertising on all social media including youtube which is a goal of ours. Implementing tools like the last two chapters involving analytics is the most important to starting up a business keeping track of how your business ads and posts are doing to can help influence the best chance of coordinating posts to a viewers liking.

For my business, because it is almost solely based on marketing through social media and word of mouth I think the more time the better put into social media. Hopefully, about 10 hours a week to at least schedule outposts that will post through hoodsuit throughout the week. Hoodsuit is a great app to use to schedule future posts for certain times of the day and week that it will gain the most views and click aka locating the best time each post should be posted on different social media sights when they have the most active users.

A small formulate plan is through Hoodsuit as mentioned before. Each social media website has a specific time that people are the most active. Instagram is the most active during weekends and Facebook is the most active during the work week. Some social medias are more active in the morning while others are more active during the day and at night. I plan on implementing these times while including key components on a layout of which posts will flow better with one another. Holidays and specials will be posted on upcoming holidays, for example, 4th of July, we will be advertising our deals starting around now in may for anyone's upcoming 4th of July event activities. Each week will have at least two-three scheduled posts as to not be too pushy, again for holiday deals they should be posted more like 5 times a week to get the word out quicker yet still staying in the boundaries of what our business can do and for how many events a day we can handle with the best of the best quality.

Week 15 part 2

Due to the fact I did not have enough page likes to access my anylitcs, I decided to do some research on what exactly Facebook analytics intails. The first major panel in analytics is the facebook insights. This shows how your "reach" is working out. This shows the number of people you have reached and the percentage of people from the previous week, Green shows that it is an up in the number of people, red shows the lesser amount of people from the past week. The reason this is very important to keep track is that it can show you how well your advertisements are doing that bring people to your pages. If you are low for the week then switching up the type of advertising that you are currently doing to better target the majority of people. Another section that goes along with reach is the post engagement, showing which posts have the most engagement narrows down what your customers want to see and what they are looking for. More engagement on a post easily boosts the likely hood someone will see it. Going along with that it also shows positive vs negative feedback. Just because engagement is good does not mean the feedback will be good. Keeping track of positive feed can further narrow down what is best for the business and emphasize good changes that are needed to be made.

Week 15 Google Analytics Part 1

Google Analytics is important because it helps you understand how people use your websites and apps so that we can take action to improve our customers and visitors experience. I decided to analyze the compare section of the google analytics pages to further recognize which feature would be the correct one for my business. The original "Analytics" said that it was perfect for a small business which is a free application that includes; Multiple data collection options across websites, apps, and internet-connected devices, Data access via mobile app, API, email notifications,
The advanced site and app reporting and segmentation (including real-time and user-centric reporting). It includes many other things but those are the main areas that are important to pay attention to with a small business.

The most important feature is the advance site and app reporting and segmentation because it is real-time and user-centric reporting. This way it reports back based on the people who click on the website or certain social media and can help our business form a marketing strategy based on our general customer base. Proactive insights will automatically bring up insights from data on key changes including new trends and other opportunities our business should be aware of. Advertising reports are also key for our business to see which ads are generating the most clicks and bookings. This also includes Google Ads which get "post-Click" performance metrics for people who click on ads and then access our website, this is key for online advertising. These would be checked daily to become most effective in how we run our website and ad bases.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Week 14 Ads

 For these three Ads specifically, I went with two ads from the facebook page and one from Instagram. Each one of these Ads that I chose were events or are for future events to which is what I wanted to focus on. I've mentioned this multiple times about how I want to focus on getting customers off of real life experiences. Doing this can up the attendance to events and give the customer a look into the extent we go to satisfy their needs.

 For this event, I chose a picture from a past similar event involving a three-day desert event including vendors, campers, dirt bike riders and many other deserts going people. This event shows a small portion of a spot. Using exciting eye-catching language such as "Set your schedules" influences people to remember an event.
For this event, it was around the time "Straight out of Compton" came out and a lot of people started to make memes and it was popular to use Straight out of (your city) which targeted the same demographic as of the people we were looking for. Putting the companies name first to bring in people who have heard of it or are current customers. Between all of the social media posts, and word of mouth this generated around 150 to show up. 

This Event is another IR Apparel event that I used for facebook. Using an address implements free advertising because it shows up for people who are within a certain distance from the event. Also to show it was a reoccurring event generates a group of regulars that continue to embrace the band. The pictures show's the location and activity yet is still inclusive to different demographics with a light overlay of the company name.

Week 13 part 2

Facebook ads are all around surprising to me whenever I'm on Facebook the ads that pop up are always weirdly specific such as t-shirts that say "I'm a Gemini that rocks in the desert with my squad". So for this section, I was curious about how advertisers target those markets so I went through Facebook to find there how to section and ad targeting options. I specifically chose the small business section such as the ones we created for this class.

"There are a large number of targeting options with Facebook ads that help businesses get their ad in front of the right people so their ads can be the most effective. To make Facebook’s targeting options easier to understand, we’ve narrowed it down to the top seven categories—from the foundational options to the most sophisticated." says the small business ad section on facebook.

Facebook has six different options to choose when you are looking for Targeting options; demographics, interests, life events, lifestyle & financial, connections, behaviors, and Retargeting. There are a few main ones that would help for my event planning business specifically. The first is Life events,  which are ads that can be targeting on recent life events such as anniversaries, weddings, etc. Lifestyle & Finacial, which is an option that targets users living a certain lifestyle, including travel frequency and the more important part, event attendance. Last is important to previous customers, Retargeting, this targets users who have previously clicked on an ad or visited our website/ social media.

Now, with that understanding how would I put in place the principles of "Good Design", the main principles I would use would be Innovative, making my social media ads different than most peoples. Aesthetic, making my ads look pleasing and eye-catching to the average user. The most important to me at least, The principle of good design, Honest being straight forward and honest as possible to get the trust factor in our customers/ future customers.

For how often I can use these ads will change depending on the different targeting options, at least every option will be implemented at least 3-4 times a month. This way it will not be overwhelming, yet still, leave a good look in everyone's eyes enough to remember the ad itself and come to use first for their next events.

Facebook Advertising on average $0.27 per click. Having an average amount of ads per targeting option should hopefully generate enough clicks to event schedule to have enough profit income of our business.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Week 13: Online advertising

Five Bussiness similar:
-Zperfect Party
-To La Lune Events
-Timeless Event Planning
-Invested Traveler Corporate
-Fourth Wall Events 

Each one of the business I chose had yelp pages which I find is a great way to advertise. When a company has real-life reviews it helps the customer decide the company go with. There's a saying that I learned working retail for so many years. If you give a customer a great experience they will tell one other person, if you give them a bad experience they will 10 people. Yelp gives a good outlook on what the customers will be receiving regarding experience. For each one of these businesses, they have all five-star reviews across the board.

All but two have social media including Facebook and Instagram. Personally, the only two social media I find are powerhouses for advertising. Fourth Wall Events I find has the most appealing look to it involving layout. Clearly, it is Target marketed to more out there events instead of just your average day corporate or wedding events. Bright attracting colors that aren't overwhelming which is normally what puts me off from a website. Their Instagram page's layout is very professional almost as if they chose every picture to blend correctly. The other pages are all very professional with white backgrounds and a slight accent of one color. They all are aesthetically appealing to the eye.

The main "Call For Action" that I enjoyed Where Timeless event planning, Fourth Wall events, and Zperfect party. They all had similar ways to get people to hire them to plan the customer's events. All of them were along the lines of a picture of one of their events with a saying like "We are happy to serve or Plan your next event with us, or even the best and most unforgettable events we will achieve for you." Their advertisements weren't overpowering all over the page. I chose each one of these businesses because they prefer to let their experience prove for itself which is a nice change.